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This is the starting line; ground zero. This is where we go to know and understand you as a person. We figure out what your level of education in regards to money. What exactly is your financial background? What are you wants, needs and must haves? What are your thoughts and feels about debt? Are you a spender or are a saver? We learn about you in order to understand you. We believe in taking a holistic look at your life goals and needs, in order to find ways to maximize your desires and minimize your challenges. 



No one likes going to the doctor for a checkup. But as we get older, it’s an important part of understanding our overall health. Well, the same goes for our financial health. If we do not follow up yearly with a “financial checkup,” we are putting ourselves at risk for possible disaster down the road. Instead of “winging it” you can know what your financial health looks like. We work with you to find out where the holes are in your budget, and where the extra money is hidden. We call this efficiency financial planning. 

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The process where we have to do hard work. This is when we take the information that we collected from you and analyze it so that we can design a plan that is fitting for you. Why do we call it the boot camp stage you ask? Because if we have a choice between going to the beach or spending some time gathering detailed information in order to get a customized view of your financial health, we will always pick the beach! Therefore, I give you my word that we try to make it as painless as we can!



Now that we are done with the financial checkup, here comes the fun part. Remember earlier in the process, we talked about your wants, dreams, and desires? Now (with a little help from some really cool technology), we will analyze your current situation and devise a plan that will help you to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible-while minimizing taxes. So the secret to happiness is not to focus on the destination, but to rather enjoy the journey! Our promise is to keep it AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE! 

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