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Donna Shelton-Monkus

Donna Shelton-Monkus created Simple Financial Solutions in fall of 2020 with a strong purpose; to simplify finances for hard-working individuals. She’s both the founder and CEO of this company that utilizes their simple stage process to navigate their client’s financial situations. Donna connects deeply with her clients to understand not only what they want, but what they need. She’s a strong believer in the fact that if you do the right thing for someone, you will have no regrets.


Donna was born in raised in Louisiana. She graduated from John Brown University in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2005 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. Her past work experiences include being a surgical rep, medical product specialist, and Allstate Agency Owner. She has receieved several awards during her time at AllState, including Rookie agent of the year, agent of the year, etc. She currently resides in Arkansas where she is married to Roger Monkus, has 5 kids, a grand total of 16 grandkids ranging from one to twenty years, and four dogs.

“With a well-rounded background in the medical and financial fields, Donna understands hard work and the value of a dollar. With her diverse skills, she’s able to connect with any type of person and apply her knowledge in order to help them. This is why she created Simple Financial Solutions. Donna wants to simplify finances for any client that needs help. Finances can be extremely complicated and stressful, but they don’t need to be. Donna created her own Simple Stage Process to help navigate clients through their financial journey, so they can ultimately achieve life goals.  She cares about her clients as if they were her own family members, and believes that trust and accountability come first.”

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Josh Marshall

Josh is our jack of all trades; master of many! As our COO he oversees the day-to-day grind. Josh is at the front of our Simple-Stage-Process to make sure our clients have the best experience possible and can lean on him at any point with questions or concerns. His favorite part about Simple-Financial-Solutions is being able to guide our clients to becoming financially healthy!

Josh holds licenses in Life Insurance and Real Estate. He started his career in real estate shortly after graduating high school and has had the opportunity to work with several real estate firms. He learned the ins and outs of what it takes to maintain a successful business through listening to others that already achieved success and implementing that knowledge into his career as Chief Operating Officer with Simple Financial. 

Josh lives in the heart of Arkansas with 4 rescue cats and one dog. He loves to garden and be outdoors as much as possible. When Josh is not working hard on his Zoo or Garden, he enjoys spending time with his nephews and family in Mena. He focuses a huge portion of his time on being healthy. Mind, body, and soul!  Above all, Josh has a thirst for knowledge and a heart of gold. He uses those together to encourage others to be their best, which makes him a perfect fit in our company!

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